GL Light XY coordinate table with rotary basis

High precision XY two axis light coordinate table.

Designed for complete adjustment and accuracy work where, in addition to exact control of the XY position, angular positioning is also necessary. Applicable to pad printing machines, special machines, milling machines, head positioning and any other mechanical application where XY position and G angle control are necessary.

The lower base allows 360º angular positioning by manual rotation of the XY table on a central axis. It includes engraving of a graduated sector of 180º to be able to measure the angular positioning dimension.

All the elements of the GL series manual coordinate tables are made of cast iron alloy (high quality GG25 stabilized gray cast iron), which gives it extraordinary mechanical rigidity.

Technical details

• Displacement by dovetails with clearance adjustment (all surfaces grinding finishment).
• Millimeter rulers and matte chrome vernier, with dial and zero adjustment.
• Triangular threaded spindle with adjustable spindle nut.
• Locking brake to fix the XY table in its working position.
• Low height to allow use in reduced Z dimension machines.
• Screw for locking and unlocking the central bolt for angular positioning.


Light fixed XY crosstable travelling 170x120

Technical Specifications

X - Travel [mm] 170
Y - Travel [mm] 120
Max. weight [kg] 60
Max. work pres. [kg] 500
Weight [kg] 27

Drawings and documents

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LIGHT double axis crosstable with turning basis, designed to be used in light mechanical operations in which height of the table is a major factor All elements in stabilized cast iron GG25. All surfaces with grinded finishment. Millimetered rules in XY. Vernier/nonuis matt chrome. Dial, with zero setting. Spindle with triangular thread. Adjustable spindle nut. Standard lock in XY (Jaccard type).